About Joanna Chung

Everyone at some point in life struggles. Sometimes the challenges and pain that come with life are so large, so intense, that it feels impossible to find a solution. When these struggles persist, it is easy to wonder if things will ever change. Sometimes these struggles can cause even the strongest person to become depressed. Self-doubt begins to appear more frequently. As doubts grow stronger it is common to want to find relief. Sometimes this is through harmless distractions, or avoiding difficult responsibilities, turning to alcohol, or even avoiding freinds.

All of these are signs of depression.

Perhaps you, or someone you love, is in the middle of this type of struggle. If so, I’m glad you came to this website. I would love to be of help, and invite you to keep reading in order to see if you think we might make a good team in working through whatever challenges are confronting you right now. 

Many of the people with whom I’ve worked in therapy tell me that the distress they currently feel has built up over a long period of time. Anxiety, or depression, had frequently been something that lurked in the background of their life, but now it has begun to take over.

When faced with these sort of challenges, it is easy to feel hopeless. Quite often, what has led to such a distressing situation is that the person has gone through life not having his or her core needs met.

You may be wondering what sort of needs these could be. They include being affirmed as being a valuable person who is cherished by others. Of being being deeply understood. Being accepted even with your flaws. Having the ability to stand up for yourself. Being loved and loving other in return.

When men or women consistently fail to have these needs met, it begins to psychologically wear them down. Anxiety, depression and even resentment are almost certain to eventually take root.

I want to help. You don’t not have to settle for living with these struggles. I’ve seen people make remarkable changes and free themselves from these burdens. Working together, we can uncover, understand and resolve the issues that create so much pain in your life.

My goal is to help you create lasting change and experience a vastly deeper sense of life satisfaction. We can do this by discovering what is preventing you from overcoming these problems, and then work together to build the skills, the insight and the experiences you need to succeed.

Now let me briefly tell you a little about me - just in case you are interested. I began my work in psychotherapy as a behaviorist working with families and children on the autism spectrum. This planted a seed. I loved helping children and their families make important changes. Uncovering strengths that could be used to transform lives, and building skills that would open new opportunities, became a passion.

Consequently I decided to earn a Masters of Clinical Social Work degree at California State University Sacramento. My clinical training also included working at the University of California Davis Medical Center. After graduation I secured a position as a clinical social worker at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center (I lead a dual life, driving between my job with Kaiser near San Francisco, and my private practice in Folsom).

Past clients have said they felt that they were heard and supported, and that they were able to share their stories without fear of judgement. Clients have also shared that through working with me, they were able to develop courage in dealing with difficult life events, as well as the ability to take on a new perspective in how they viewed themselves, others, and the world.

Some of the clients I’ve helped in the past told me they had put off seeing a counselor because they could not, to their satisfaction, clearly defined the problem that was causing them distress. Perhaps you can relate to that situation. It’s more common than you realize.

If that happens to describe you, don’t let it hold you back. Working together, we can come to a clearer understanding of what is perpetuating the distress in your life, and how to bring about the change you desire. You don’t have to go it alone. I realize that you very likely have been trying to fight this battle by yourself. Now could be the perfect time to let someone else in to help you with the challenges you face.

If you are interested in working with me I would be delighted to spend some time talking with you over the phone (the consult is free, and there is no obligation). Just look below for information on how best to get in touch with me.

If you prefer, and are using a smart phone, click on the green button toward the top of the page to call me directly.

Wishing you the best,

Joanna Chung MSW, ASW

Associate Clinical Social Worker #72171