About Barbara Wilson

Sometimes, when faced with the struggles that life presents, we can get stuck in old destructive habits. This often happens without our being aware that this is what we are doing. Frequently it is difficult to know how to find new, healthier ways of living. Relationships can become chaotic, broken and painful. Depression and anxiety may slowly take root, becoming a shadow that lurks in the background throughout each day.

I’ve seen too many people trapped in these unhappy situations, cut off from realizing their full potential. But I have also known those who have found freedom from such pain, and moved forward to live the sort of life that they had not imagined possible.

These success stories all had something in common. The person had someone that helped to support and guide them as they made their way through the distressing times. It could have been a friend or family member, a mentor, or someone in his or her church, but often it was a counselor. A therapist who helped that person learn to set healthy boundaries, to make tough choices necessary for personal growth, someone who would genuinely listen without judging, and provide insight and strategies for change.

As a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, I’m passionate about walking alongside adults and children in finding freedom and hope in whatever situation they’re in and provide them with life-changing tools to move from where they are right now to where they want to be. From who they are today, to who they want to become.

Although many clients come to see me wanting help in resolving depression, anxiety or trauma, I also work with many women who wish to heal from sexual wounding in their past (whether from abuse, trauma, or choices made in their youth that they now regret). Since 2004 I’ve been writing and speaking on the impact of sexual wounding on one’s ability to bond in healthy relationships. In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to write group therapy treatment programs and lead multiple groups of women and young women through healing. Helping women through this process of healing from their past, and reclaim their confidence, dignity and dreams for the future, is a great passion of mine.

The approach I find most helpful in counseling is best described as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Throughout my training, I’ve placed a special emphasis on helping those who struggle with anxiety, depression, conflictual relationships, trauma, and adjusting to difficult life transitions.

Apart from years of professional training (I am currently a clinical psychology post-doctoral fellow), my life experience as a wife, mother, elementary school teacher, author and speaker (on healing from past trauma), has provided real life insights into the struggles and hurts that bring people to my office. I have a deep desire to see people discover their passions, reclaim their voices, and find the strength and purpose to achieve their goals and live out their dreams.

If you think that we might work well together, I would be delighted to talk with you. Just email or call (see information below) and I will be back in touch with you soon.

All the best,

Barbara Wilson, Psy.D.

Post-Doctoral Fellow