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Living under the cloud of anxiety, depression, or the aftermath of trauma, is painful. It can be a struggle to find joy in each day, or to fully experience the richness of life that at one time seemed so much easier to capture. Don't give up. With the right help, you can experience life at it's best.

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Forrest Talley, Ph.D.

California Board of Psychology License # 14878

PEER Testimonials

It has been my absolute privilege to know Dr.Talley professionally for about 10 years. For more than half of those years, I have worked with him in an agency that is recognized nationally as a model program for the evaluation and treatment of child maltreatment as well as training of mental health providers in empirically-based treatments. Dr.Talley is a good communicator and has a marvelous sense of humor. He feels empathy and compassion for his patients and is unparalleled when it comes to helping individuals and families cope with modern relationships. He is a true leader who conducts himself with integrity and true care and concern for those whose lives he touches. He is a therapist who I can confidently recommend.

~ G.Vang, MSW, LCSW


I had the honor to work with Dr. Talley. He is an extremely kind, sensitive and attentive therapist that creates the much-needed atmosphere of acceptance and understanding with his clients which fosters growth and healing. In his work with both trainees and clients Dr. Talley’s interpersonal style allows one to feel heard and valued, making the therapeutic environment a space where anyone can feel safe to disclose her or his deepest feelings, fears or worries. His work touched too many lives and he is pleasure to work with.

~ I. Harpaz-Rotem, Ph.D,.ABPP


Dr. Talley is one of the most supportive professionals I have met in this field. He has a way of making you feel at ease and comforted, even in stressful and/or overwhelming situations. He can naturally lighten the mood and help make the best out of many situations. His interest in and ability to implement positive psychology helped me proceed through some difficult and high stress years; and he made me feel as if I had a friend as he gently guided me through. He intently listens to you, while also being able to make you laugh when you need it most. He has a warmth that is comforting to clients, while still being able to bring insight to their behaviors and help them make the changes they need for a better, more positive life.

~ C. Samelson, M.A., LMFT


I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dr. Talley at an agency specializing in the treatment of child maltreatment and trauma. Dr.Talley is a skilled clinician who has a remarkable ability to integrate humor and compassion in his interactions with others. He is committed to providing excellent individualized care to the children and families he serves. I highly recommend Dr. Talley.

                                                                                                                                                                    ~D. Wu, Psy.D.


Dr. Talley is an authentic, caring and highly competent psychologist. I first met Dr. Talley when I was a a psychology intern at the UC Davis CAARE Center and was quickly impressed by his passion and commitment to his clinical work as well as his role as a supervisor, teacher and mentor. His calm, gentle, and welcoming demeanor coupled with years of experience and dedication to the provision of evidence-based care for maltreated youth provides for impressive qualities as both a therapist and supervisor. I highly recommend Dr. Talley as a therapist!

                                                                                                                                                             ~ E. Reichert, Ph.D.


Dr. Talley is one of those rare souls you encounter in life that makes you feel at-peace, accepted, and good enough. Anyone who sits with Forrest is made better for it- whether you are a psychologist-in-training or a therapy client. Dr. Talley is kind yet honest, intense but fun, and has the unique gift of seeing the beauty and strength in anyone he meets.

~ B. Vaudrey, Ph.D.