Rates & Insurance Information


Forrest Talley, Ph.D. fee: $150.00 per 45 to 50 minute session.

Joanna Chung, ASW fee: $100.00 per 45 to 50 minute session.

Barbara Wilson, Psy.D. fee: $100.00 per 45 to 50 minute session.

For any of our therapists the first scheduled appointment is $75.00 (if that appointment is missed, however, then the following appointment will include the full fee). Payment is due at the time of service. Cash, check, Health Savings Account (HSA) Card, or credit card payments are accepted.

WHAT ABOUT Insurance?

We do not currently accept health insurance, however, some insurance policies reimburse a portion of the charges for counseling when performed by "Out of Network Providers."  Please check your policy. If this is the case, we will be glad to provide a receipt that you may then provide to your insurance carrier (aka a "superbill").

Again, we don’t want you to come across any surprises regarding billing, that just adds to stress. Please be sure to contact your health insurance company to learn about the specific requirements of your policy.  


When insurance companies get involved in paying for psychotherapy they also have the opportunity to take control of your therapy. That is, they can limit the number of times you meet, request that personal information be passed along to them, or attempt to dictate what form of therapy is offered. After having worked with insurance carriers for many years, and having found myself on the phone late in the evening explaining why a suicidal ten year old needed more than three therapy sessions, I decided to 'cut the cord' with insurance when I started Invictus Psychological Services. My colleagues and I understand that in some instances this makes our services difficult to afford, but often this may not be the case when providing your insurance carrier a superbill as mentioned above

Payments Accepted

Payment is due at the time of service. Any of the following are accepted:


Credit Card

Health Savings Account Card